I'm Graeme Roberts. I write and edit American English that is crisp, clear, and energetic, on paper and online.
The few words we read must resonate right away. They must be strong, engaging, and subtly demanding.

  • I work purposefully to help achieve your practical goals and positioning in the minds of readers.

  • My greatest value, as a deep thinker, is the logic, structure, and coherence that I bring to communication.

  • I have written on many subjects, from biotechnology to musicology, and economics to business, but I also love
    to help my clients articulate their stories, including their deepest feelings and reasoning in personal letters.

  • My clients include people, established companies, startups, universities, PhD students, and university faculty.

  • I am dedicated to honesty and truth, so if you need bullshit get someone else.

Deep thinking only happens when we write well. And writing well requires deep thought.