How much do you charge?

It depends on length, content, and complexity. I will quote you a fixed price.
My clients agree that I offer excellent value.

Do we need to meet?

No. Almost all of my clients are somewhere else. The Internet is our friend.

Is Your Work of high-quality? 

I will edit a small section of your document free of charge, to allow you to be the judge of that, and to give us a chance to work together.

how long will it take?

I will specify the estimated duration of the work when I submit the quotation. Rush work costs more.


No. I deliver a final document that meets a high standard of quality, and charge what is necessary to achieve that.  No half measures.

How Do You Edit?

I start with the big picture—how effectively will the document achieve your specific and overarching goals, as well as your desired positioning. I work on the logic, structure, and coherence of your arguments, evidence, and storytelling, locally and across the entire document. Every assertion must be verifiably true, or fairly presented. I may alter the voice, style, and syntax, to ensure that the document is crisp, clear, and convincing. If the words need to fit a certain space, I adjust them to the necessary length. And of course, I bring grammar, spelling and punctuation into conformance with standards and usage. The most mundane problem is inconsistency. Different names are often used for the same thing, causing confusion, and every caption, table-of-contents entry, and footnote must be cross-checked.

What reference standards do you use?

I use The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition and Garner's Modern American Usage. And I apply my own good judgment. I can comply with your organization's guidelines for style and branding.

Can you deal with highly technical material?

I have worked on complex documents in technology, computer science, biotechnology, biological sciences, neuroscience, medicine, engineering, manufacturing, higher education, and startups. I'm a quick learner. 

Can you work with non-native English speakers?

Yes. I enjoy helping non-native speakers to master the manifest difficulties of writing in English, and to learn from our interactions. I have worked with Chinese and German speakers who are brave enough to write in English.

How do you relate to an organization?

I liaise with a single decision-maker, named in my contract, and never a committee. I welcome and depend on feedback, but the editing process is my sole responsibility. Opening a document to additional editors can only result in a camel, when you need a thoroughbred stallion.

How do we get started?

First, send me your file in Microsoft Word format (.docx). I will call you to discuss your needs, and to let you know if I am available to do the work.

How does the work proceed?

I email you an edited sample, a quotation, and a time estimate. The quotation will include a simple contract. I require a downpayment of 50 percent of the project price. Once you click the button on the quotation, I will send you an invoice for the downpayment. Paying it gets me started.

I send questions to you during the editing process, and a secure PDF file when I am done. When you are fully satisfied with the final edited document, I send you a final invoice for the remaining 50% of the writing charge. As soon as you pay it, I send you the complete file in Word (.docx) format.

As a one-man business, I do not offer credit, and my terms are immediate payment on receipt of invoice.