I start with the big picture—how effectively will the document achieve your specific and overarching goals, as well as your desired positioning. I work on the logic, structure, and coherence of your arguments, evidence, and storytelling, locally and across the entire document. Every assertion must be verifiably true, or fairly presented. I may alter the voice, style, and syntax, to ensure that the document is crisp, clear, and convincing. If the words need to fit a certain space, I adjust them to the necessary length. And I bring grammar, spelling and punctuation into conformance with standards and usage. The most mundane problem is inconsistency. Different terms are often used for the same thing, causing confusion, and every caption, table-of-contents entry, and footnote must be cross-checked.

technical material

I have edited complex documents in technology, computer science, biotechnology, biological sciences, neuroscience, medicine, engineering, manufacturing, higher education, and startups. I'm a quick learner. 


I charge by the time it takes, at a rate of $100 per hour. As a one-man business, I do not offer credit, and my terms are immediate payment on receipt of invoice.